About the Client:

Cozy Nest, where we are insanely passionate about beautiful interiors and feeling at home where you live.  Whether your home is a rental apartment in the city, a bachelor pad, or a house you share with family, it should bring you joy and comfort.  Life moves quickly with pressures all around – from work, social media, traffic, driving kids to sports – it can all feel overwhelming. You should have a place to disconnect, unwind and recharge.  Home should be that place.The The work I did on this website was done as part of my position at Robb Digital Marketing.

How I Helped:

I worked to take the site from an HTML website that was not user-friendly at all and transform it into a modern day showpiece that is as good as their food. Before the website they were using Google Forms as an option for a Catering Form. With the website I also built a Contact Form with conditional logic that directed customers to specific questions based on their answers.