Blogging When You Don’t Know What To Write About

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For some people, blogging comes easily, but for the vast majority of us it can be difficult to come up with a topic or even a sliver of an idea to write a blog about.

It is more than just writer’s block. It boils down to the fact that so many of us have such hectic lives with work and family, that it can be difficult to get their mind clear enough to start brainstorming blog topics.

When people need someone to listen to, it is important to take yourself out of the situation and just focus on them. The same can be true for coming up with a blog topic. Take five to ten minutes to focus strictly on brainstorming.

Sometimes it is best to just open up a draft in post editor on your WordPress site and start typing. Just type what you are thinking and feeling and put it together into sentences that make sense to you. Once you have done that take a step away from your blog and focus on something else.

Come back to your computer after having a cup of tea or eating some chips and take a look at what you wrote. Read it over and make edits and then click Publish! That’s write, click publish. You are not writing for CNN where the news is important to get exactly correct. You can always go back and make edits to the blog after it has been published.

Once you take the time to write a blog on a regular basis you will be able to feel your creative juices start to flow and blogging ideas will come to you quickly.

Here are some more tips for coming up with blog topics:

  1. Plan a blogging calendar – Use a Google Spreadsheet to create a dates for the next month when you want to publish a blog.
  2. Write a List of Blog Topics – When you are on a roll you need to take advantage of that and write as many blog topics as you can for future use.
  3. Copy and Steal Everything – I am NOT saying to plagiarize someone else’s work, but I am saying that there is nothing wrong with taking an idea that you find online and making it your own. Be sure to source that blog or article because then people may do the same for you in the future.
  4. Talk with Friend – A friend or mentor is a great person to have in your life. Use them to bounce ideas off of and even have them take a second look at what you are writing.
  5. Be Real – Be yourself. People want to read blogs that have a natural tone to them. Think of a blog as having a conversation with someone and sharing your thoughts and ideas.

What are some of your tips for blogging?